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Thursday, January 17, 2013

U.S. Troops in Afghanistan Find Friends at Tip of the Spear and Richie's Specialty Pharmacy

CONROE, TX (January 17, 2013) In addition to fighting the Taliban in the rugged, freezing mountains of Afghanistan, U.S. soldiers and Marines often find hunger, fatigue, hot and cold temperatures, loneliness and homesickness frequent adversaries as well. Tip of the Spear is a Texas-based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping boost the morale of U.S. troops by "adopting" units most in need of support. Co-founder Randy Au happily welcomed Richie’s Specialty Pharmacy (“Richie’s”) as a sponsor in 2012. Last week, he gratefully announced that the Texas compounding pharmacy is renewing its strong financial commitment once again with a $20,000 donation.

“Our pharmacy is pleased to work with Tip of the Spear and my dear friend, Randy Au, in supporting these wonderful men and women fighting in harsh, lonely places all across Afghanistan,” said Richie Ray, a pharmacist by profession and Richie’s president. The company is a statewide leader in the provision of pharmacy compounding services in Texas and a rising voice for quality and safety in the industry nationally. Richie’s works with regulators and legislators to increase standards and safe practices among compounding pharmacies.

Au explained that Richie’s financial donation will provide a wealth of amenities, supplies and consumables this year for a specific combat unit deployed in Afghanistan. Simple conveniences that we take for granted are highly prized among these fighting units so far from home. “They live for weeks and longer in the crudest, most hostile surroundings far from fully-equipped bases and other more secure, civilized rear areas,” said Au. Tip of the Spear now supports four platoon sized units of 50-65 troops living in small Combat Operating Posts (COPs). “They do not have hot showers, laundries, mess tents or running water. Access to telephones and the Internet is limited. Most have electricity, but it is used to power the communications gear and lighting.”

Richie’s supports multiple charities and has always actively supported worthwhile community causes. “We are honored that so many healthcare providers and patients trust Richie’s for their compounding needs. We feel giving back to the community is an obligation. Tip of the Spear is such a worthy endeavor,” Ray added.

For more information, contact Director Randy Au at (832) 585-4843 or visit

About Richie’s Specialty Pharmacy: Richie’s Specialty Pharmacy is a PCAB-Accredited Compounding Pharmacy serving the needs of patients all across the state of Texas. For more information about the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB), please visit

About Tip of the Spear: Tip Of The Spear is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2009, and is 100% volunteer. The charity sends care packages each month to numerous combat units deployed to remote locations within Afghanistan. The packages are filled with food items, personal supplies, and equipment otherwise unavailable to these troops paid for through corporate and individual donations. For more information, contact Director Randy Au at (832) 585-4843 or visit



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